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Help us reach our goal of donating 3 CSA Shares to people in need this year. 


We're working to raise $2500 to ensure 3 families get fresh produce delivered to their doors for 28 weeks this year. 


We believe everyone should have access to fresh food, easily and we're hoping you can help us make that possible. If we could feed everyone for free all the time, you bet that's what we would do! 


If you can afford to donate and get free food in the hands of those who need it, please pitch in. 


As always, if paying by check or cash is an option for you, please choose manual payment at checkout, or mail a check to 4003 S Tiller RD. Port Angeles, WA 98362. Collecting payments via our website is convenient, but expensive, and on a small farm like ours, every penny counts. 



CSA Donation