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About Olympic Roots

Why we farm

At Olympic Roots we grow food a little differently. 

We are a no-till, low-tech; regenerative farm. That means we don't use tractors or heavy machinery and all of our work is done by hand. Not only are we reducing our carbon footprint - working this way allows us to get a worm's eye view of everything happening from the ground up.

Following a no-till approach helps us increase soil health and biodiversity, allows us to use less water, and leads to a healthier farm and community.


At Olympic Roots we don't just grow vegetables. 

We are out in the community working to make positive change by holding local office, attending public meetings to talk about the importance of small-scale agriculture, working to reduce the impacts of the climate crisis, and much more.


On the property we are working to regenerate old horse pasture into native meadows and hedgerows and create habitat for native species to thrive.


Meet Your Farmer


Christy Cox 

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Christy is a first generation farmer. She set the foundation for Olympic Roots 6 years ago when she began growing on the property. Christy is committed to combating the climate crisis and began growing food as a means of climate mitigation. She believes that food brings community together, and can be the seed that leads to growth towards a brighter future.


Christy grew her connection to nature on the wild trails of the Olympic Mountains, backpacking, trail running and napping by rivers in the sunshine. She is a partner to the love of her life, Kasia, mother to four amazing children, a loving aunt to 7 nieces and nephews and the pup parent to one well fed farm dog, Waldo.

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