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2024 CSA 

When you sign up for a CSA share with Olympic Roots, you’re doing much more than buying produce. You’re reducing your carbon footprint, supporting a stable local food economy, backing a queer-owned company, connecting with the seasons through food, learning more about wild foods, supporting this farm’s volunteer conservation efforts, and employing me, a farmer who is dedicated to the land and this community. 

Each week, we handpick the freshest produce straight from our fields, selecting only the best of what's flourishing. Carefully cleaned and packed, we ensure that each harvest is a delightful surprise, brimming with 6-10 unique items. But that's not all – we love to add a touch of adventure by including foraged treasures, along with tips on how to savor them. Plus, as a special treat throughout the season, expect to find goodies like seedlings, artisanal crafts, fragrant flowers, and heirloom seeds. With every CSA share, we extend an invitation to savor the seasons and relish food cultivated by our dedicated farmers' hands.

​Below are some examples of what you can expect in a CSA Share with Olympic Roots. These are just examples, the actual contents of your share will change week-to-week.


 A CSA share is an investment in the Farm, and sometimes your investment will return abundant yields, and other times, things can be scarce. You will receive an equal share of our CSA Harvest each week. Last year, we were able to deliver on our promise to include 6-10 items each week, and our shares were consistently valued $5-$10 more than customers paid for them. Although we haven't had to yet, we do reserve the right to cancel or change a weekly delivery to preserve the health of our farmers and the farm. 


 Full Season CSA Share- $840

This year’s CSA will include 24 weeks of fresh produce, from May 3rd to October 18th, with no harvest the week of August 23rd. You can expect lots of leafy greens, root veggies, fresh herbs, fruiting crops like cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes plus loads of tree fruit in the fall. 


CSA shares are $840, this price considers the $30 value of fresh produce each week for 24 weeks, and a small amount to cover administrative costs and management of the program. Managing the CSA is a vital part of my work on the farm, and takes time each week, not to mention the time spent before the season even begins. From planning harvest days, washing & and packaging your shares, planning delivery routes, and writing emails, pulling off a CSA harvest each week is no small feat. 

Work Share CSA- $840 Value

In addition to paid CSA Members, we are opening space for 3 work-trade CSA members, you’ll put in a few hours on the farm in exchange for your share each week. There is a variety of work available, from pulling weeds to hauling compost or just helping out on harvest days. Adding community farmers to our operation allows us to grow more- both in abundant produce and in our ties to the community. This opportunity is great for someone looking to expand their growing knowledge or keep their hands in the soil.

Sign up now! 


What's a CSA? 

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. By subscribing to a CSA you know you will receive the freshest bounty around, and support a local food network at the same time.


Subscribers pay in full at the beginning of the year and receive an equal share of our harvest every week. We offer pickup and delivery options. 



What's in it? 

Each week you can expect a variety of fresh produce. You will receive a share of whatever is fresh that week.

Expect between 6-10 vegetables, fruits and herbs. Each subscription is enough to feed two heavy produce eaters or supplement a family of four's weekly produce intake. 

Not enough for you? Sign up for two shares!


How do I get it?

Harvest happens every Wednesday, and deliveries go out the same day. We offer home delivery in Port Angeles.

Need to skip a week? No problem! Just shoot us an email and we will donate your share to a family in need. 


Do you offer payment plans? 

Absolutely! We believe that everyone has a right to fresh, sustainably grown food. 

You can choose to pay for the whole year up front or split the cost into monthly payments, whichever works best for you.



Can I add on extra items?

We would love that! Simply log onto our online shop here and add as much fresh goodies as you can handle. We will package it up with your weekly share and have it ready for pickup or delivery. 


I'm not ready to invest in a full CSA, do you have other options? 

YES! You can either order from the online market item by item, or sign up to receive a weekly produce box that includes a share of everything harvested that week.

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